The Charm Opener®
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The Charm Opener®
Opening charm bracelets is easier than ever.
The Little Pink Wonder
That Saves Time, Frustration, and Manicures
The charm opener puts an end to chipped nails, ruined manicures, and frustration thanks to its innovative design, ease of use, and charming pink color!
Step 1. Grab the charm opener, with your thumb on the top and your index finger on the bottom.
Step 2. Place the clasp in the cavity, with the seams facing up, as shown in the picture.
Step 3. Press the charm opener until the edges of the clasp are separated.
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The charm opener is the only tool of its kind to open charm bracelets while on your wrist! Use it to open any brand of charm bracelet you own! Plus, you can carry it in your bag every day!
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I love my charm opener!
I own several charm bracelets from different brands like Pandora, Chamilia, Persona and Caterina Jewelry, but have always had a hard time opening them. With the charm opener, I'm able to open all of my bracelets, regardless of the brand. I used to ask my husband to help me open them, but with his short nails, it was such a drag. Opening my bracelet now is so easy, just a simple click and it's opened! I don't even need his help anymore!
Corinne T. (customer)
The charm opener is so helpful!
Working in a jewelry store, our customers would always complain that opening the bracelet clasp or the locked beads was difficult. Now with one click of the charm opener, the bracelet or the locked bead is open! It helps with customers and it helps with our sales at the store. Most customers buy the charm opener with their first bracelet. Plus, we can change our displays much quicker now! It used to take us hours, but now we can just open the beads so quickly. We're able to change our entire collection in a few clicks!
Beth B. (salesperson)
[...] with the charm opener, it is so easy!
I wear a lot of charm bracelets in several colors and from several brands. I love to switch the beads around, but opening the bracelets has always been such a hassle. I used to use a butter knife to open them, but that was inconvenient and not very safe. Now with the charm opener, it is so easy. It just takes me a few seconds to recreate an entire bracelet! I love that I can change them before going out to match my outfit!
Kerry D. (customer)
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Discover Caterina Jewelry's
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