Fall In Line: Sizzling Style For The New Season

Fall is finally in the air. Leaves are alternating colors, the invasion of pumpkin spice EVERYTHING has begun, Halloween decorations are in order and preparations for the winter holidays are already underway. As the season changes your style should reflect that, and how you feel on the inside, should be illustrated by what you wear on the outside.

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October Birthstone: Pink Tourmaline (Or Why We Love the Minimalista Rose Confidence Silver Bracelet)

From the moment you lay eyes on it, the beautiful pink color and mesmerizing brilliance of the October birthstone will instantly capture you. Thought to be dedicated to serving the highest aspects of the heart, pink tourmaline infuses love and spirituality, encourages gentleness and compassion, and also brings true joy to one’s life and relationships. Available in various shades ranging from pale pink to magenta and reddish-pink, tourmaline boasts an intriguing history and numerous properties that make it truly spectacular — a dazzling gemstone that beguiles with enchanting femininity and ravishing allure.

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September Birthstone: Sapphire (or Why We Love the CJ Minimalista Blue Confidence Silver Bracelet)

Sapphire The September Birthstone The September birthstone, sapphire has been long regarded as a stone of wisdom and royalty — a brilliant jewel that many believed to bring protection, spiritual insight, and good fortune to the wearer. A close relative of July’s birthstone, ruby, sapphire comes in a beautiful [...]

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If there’s one thing Hollywood does best, it’s sizzle, and over the summer, things only seem to get hotter. While everyone looks to their favorite celebrity when it comes to sparking something within themselves that taps into their own inspiration, on the red carpet, it’s important to remember that it’s all about the attention to detail that really sets the individual apart

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Summer Style: Hollywood Edition

Summer Style: Hollywood Edition   Summer is in full-swing and the style coming out of Los Angeles seems to be setting the entire country ablaze. While the buzz of what to expect this fall is already in the air, now is actually the best time to not only get a head of the trends that [...]

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August Birthstone: Peridot (Or Why We Love the CJ Minimalista Green Confidence Silver Bracelet)

A stone of love, prosperity, growth, and dignity, the August birthstone is often associated with harmony, happiness, and good fortune, and is said to possess magical and healing properties that protect the wearer against nightmares. As one of the few gemstones that exists in only one color, peridot comes in a distinctive signature lime green that glows a brilliant hue under artificial light, thus earning its name as the “evening emerald.”

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