A Beauty Day with Olympic Swimmer Georgia Bohl

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June Birthstone: Alexandrite (or Why We Love the CJ Minimalista Turquoise Confidence Silver Bracelet)

The birthstone for June, alexandrite is an exceptionally rare and highly-desirable stone thanks to its ability to change colors. A stone of prosperity and longevity, alexandrite is believed to balance mind and emotions, promote spiritual growth, and pacify the soul. In the daylight, alexandrite is a bluish-green or even emerald-green color; but once in lamplight, [...]

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Hannah Kat Jones Reveals Her Jewelry Staples and More!

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May Birthstone: Emerald (or Why We Love the CJ Minimalista Green Emerald Defiance Silver Bracelet)

The birthstone for May, emerald is regarded as a symbol of rebirth, good fortune, and youth. The color of this gemstone, which goes from light green to deep forest green, is often associated with spring — a time that brings joy and explodes with new life. Emeralds are believed to possess attributes of fertility and [...]

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Desiree Siahaan on Career, Fashion, and Her Valentine’s Day Plans

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April Birthstone: Diamond (or Why We Love the CJ Minimalista White Opal Confidence Silver Bracelet)

A symbol of affection, strength, eternity, and ever-lasting love, the April birthstone is an admired object of desire — a radiant and very precious gemstone that is often used in engagement rings. Much like springtime, diamonds are also believed to symbolize new beginnings, which is why they are considered a wonderful gift for a loved [...]

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Why .925 Sterling Silver Jewelry?

Forget silver-plated brass, nickel, copper, or even stainless steel jewelry pieces. Caterina Jewelry provides a selection of modern .925 sterling silver jewelry designed to add timeless quality to any outfit and create stylish looks that go beyond fabulous. Studded with precious gemstones that add sparkle and color to the pieces, the Caterina Jewelry line of [...]

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March Birthstone: Aquamarine (Or Why We Love The CJ Minimalista Aquamarine Confidence Silver Necklace)

The birthstone for March, aquamarine is regarded as a symbol of youth, fidelity, hope, and good health. Thanks to its stunning color that ranges from pastel sky blue to seawater green, aquamarine is said to embody eternal life, cool the temper, and allow the wearer to remain calm and levelheaded. The March birthstone is also [...]

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Birthstone Jewelry, the Best Bridesmaid Gift (And Why Your Dear Girls Will Love It)

As your big day is approaching, one of the things that you’ll likely have on your brain is buying bridesmaid gifts. And unless you know your dear girls very well, you’ll probably spend some time trying to figure out what they’d like to get. A thoughtful gift should be a token of remembrance and appreciation [...]

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February Birthstone: Amethyst (or Why We Love the Minimalista Violet Confidence Silver Necklace)

Regarded as a symbol of power, inner strength, and sincerity, amethyst — the February birthstone — is often associated with royalty thanks to its spectacular purple color that ranges from deep violet to light lilac. The gemstone has historical ties to medicine, as ancient Greeks believed it to ward off the intoxicating power of Bacchus [...]

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