January Birthstone: Garnet

Garnet The Birthstone of January   The birthstone of January, garnet stands in contrast to this cold month with its warm, bright tones. A splendid, intense semi-precious stone, garnet comes in a rainbow of colors, ranging from oranges and browns to deep red. Garnet is believed to possess curative powers and also protect [...]

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December Birthstone: Turquoise (or Why We Love the Minimalista Turquoise Confidence Silver Bracelet)

Turquoise — the December birthstone —  is one of the oldest-known gemstones, having been prized in many ancient cultures as a love charm and a symbol of wisdom, nobility, and immortality.

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Wedding Wear: Finding The Perfect Match For Your Special Day

When it comes to showing your love, remember that finding the right accessory for your wedding party is the best way to spotlight each of your friends as the treasured gems they are.

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Australian Swimmer Madison Wilson Join Us For An Exclusive Photo Shoot.

As part of our latest campaign, Your Style Is Unparalelled and So Are You, Australian swimmer Madison Wilson has joined us for an exclusive photo shoot. With the help of celebrity stylist Gabriel Langenbrunner, Madison pulled off three different looks matching different aspects of her individuality, all proving that style is an extension of one's intriguing personality.

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November Birthstone: Topaz (or Why We Love the Minimalista Brown Confidence Silver Bracelet)

The November birthstone, topaz dazzles with its attractive golden color and unparalleled opulence. Recognized as one of the most popular yellow gemstones today, topaz is believed to carry an enormous amount of bright energy that lights up the life of the wearer and also brings good luck and fortune in unexpected ways. Although topaz is naturally transparent, the presence of iron in the stone's structure gives it a tawny hue that can range from pale yellow to golden, honey, or almost brown.

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Fall In Line: Sizzling Style For The New Season

Fall is finally in the air. Leaves are alternating colors, the invasion of pumpkin spice EVERYTHING has begun, Halloween decorations are in order and preparations for the winter holidays are already underway. As the season changes your style should reflect that, and how you feel on the inside, should be illustrated by what you wear on the outside.

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