The Perfect Holiday Gift
Cherish your special someone with jewelry that captures her spirit and personal style. The perfect expression of your tender, caring feelings towards her, holiday jewelry gifts tell the story of an unbreakable bond only known between you and her, of a love that knows no time, distance, or bounds.
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Embrace Color
Jewelry pieces boasting spectacularly-colored gemstones are rich in meaning and always on-trend. Pick a piece adorned with gems in her favorite color, or go for a color that distinctly represents the values that make her unique. Birthstone-inspired jewelry adds a personal touch and sentimental edge to any Christmas gift, offering a sophisticated reinterpretation of your loved one’s intriguing personality and unparalleled sense of style.
Minimalista Birthstones
Shop the MINIMALISTA COLLECTION and discover our universe of elegant birthstone-inspired jewelry.
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The new AlizÉe Collection offers an
innovative take on the classic bangle. Make it yours with our range of CJ Charms.
The Charm Opener
Renowned for its simple modus operandi, the charm opener™ is the only tool of its kind that opens charm bracelets while on your wrist.
Meaningful Symbols
Jewelry pieces adorned with pendants representing meaningful symbols hold sentimental importance that make them perfect for Christmas gift-giving. Caterina Jewelry offers a complete selection of exquisite sterling silver jewelry designs that incorporate meaningful icons, all of them an intricate metaphor for life’s unique moments. Choose from sparkling love accents, infinity symbols, lustrous half-moons, minimal studs, and Caterina Jewelry’s signature coin pendant, all carrying a wealth of meaning.
Sparkling Love Accents
Infinity Symbols
Lustrous Half-Moons
Minimal Studs
Coin Pendants
Let Her Style Inspire You
One’s style is an extension of her personality, so take a moment to look at how she dresses before picking a Christmas jewelry gift for her. Choose a delicate pair of earrings if she likes to keep her look traditional and conservative, or go for a statement-making necklace if she’s into maximalist jewelry. If her style is casual and carefree, pick a dazzling bouquet of slender double-wrap bracelets that go with anything — or, delight her with a choker necklace if she likes to pull off edgier looks.
“Style isn't just about what you wear — it's about how you live.”
Lilly Pulitzer
The Test of Time
Caterina Jewelry’s creations are renowned for their unsurpassed originality and enduring beauty. Masterfully crafted from .925 sterling silver of superlative quality, our jewelry collections are ornamented with magnificent gemstones boasting unrivalled brilliance and opulence offset by their bewildering color.
about .925 sterling silver
The most popular silver alloy today, .925 sterling silver, also known as sterling silver, is sold in high-end jewelry stores along with gold, platinum, and other precious metals. Sterling silver is obtained by alloying .999 silver, or pure silver, with small quantities of copper, usually around 7.5 percent, which drastically improves its durability. Unlike brass and nickel, .925 sterling silver is more hardwearing and preserves its color, luster, and heft for much longer, with the added bonus that its value increases over time — all these while staying relatively affordable for buyers.
Jewelry Care and Maintenance
With proper care and regular cleaning, .925 sterling silver jewelry can preserve its beautiful appearance over the years to come. Mild liquid soap and lukewarm water, paired with a soft, small brush, is the easiest way to clean and maintain Caterina Jewelry pieces. In case the jewelry is very dirty, leave it to soak in lukewarm, soapy water for 10 minutes before carefully rinsing. Pat-dry with a soft cloth.
Caterina Jewelry Sizing Guide
Follow our guide to find out your special someone’s bracelet, necklace, or ring size.

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