Pink tourmaline is associated with many uses and purposes, including the treatment of motion sickness and the restoration of luster and shine to hair and nails. The stone is often used to reduce proclivity for falls, release stress and depression, strengthen the sense of smell, balance a dysfunctional endocrine system, treat lungs disorders, and even heal some skin ailments.

Among the emotional healing qualities of the October birthstone are the cleansing of the body of old wounds and destructive feelings, the recovering of passion and zest for life, and also the releasing of deep emotional pain. It can also help release guilt, anxiety, and worries, stimulate peace and relaxation, and guide negative emotions into self-love.

Available in various shades ranging from pale pink to magenta and reddish-pink, tourmaline boasts an intriguing history and numerous properties that make it truly spectacular — a dazzling gemstone that beguiles with enchanting femininity and ravishing allure.

According to popular myths, tourmaline is believed to have traveled along the rainbow and thus getting all of its beautiful colors, including various shades of pink. Its property to become electrically charged when rubbed or heated led to the association of the October birthstone to the philosopher’s stone. In ancient China, tourmalines were used for the carving and engraving of figures. Interestingly, some of them are on display museums, showcasing not only the breathtaking beauty of pink tourmaline, but also its durability.

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